Road Tripping Marathoner

So it’s been about two weeks since I officially became a
Marathoner, and let me tell you, life didn’t exactly change like I expected it
to, the marathon didn’t go like I expected it to, I didn’t feel like I expected
it to… all my expectations about the marathon was wrong.

Expectations NOT Met:

*I wasn’t super hungry afterwards
*I wasn’t able to eat everything under the sun & moon
*I didn’t get epic pictures from the promised selfie stations
*I didn’t get a marathoner finishers shirt

Expectations Met:

*I got a medal

*I finished

*I didn’t have to use a porta potty

*I didn’t trip and fall

*I won MY marathon

I had this long three page recap typed up about the race, but I realized this weekend was about more than running. I did do a review of the race on my BibRave.Com Profile which you can check out here if you really want key race details.

Overall, I felt fantastic, I feel fantastic. I recovered quickly thanks to 2xu MCS Elite compression Tights ( get your own w/ coupon code: for 20% off), I was honestly back to normal walking by Wednesday morning…and this was after a nine hour car ride home the next day. But here’s how the weekend went down…

Leading up to the race there was just major concern over the potential
for rain. Rain on an island can be a pain in the behind and just downright
awful. There was also that nine hour drive that I would embark on. Fortunately
I have the bestest friend ever who agreed to go on this crazy adventure and I
honestly could not think of anyone else I would rather have.

We left dark and early Friday morning car loaded with snacks, me with an
outfit and two pairs of shoes and we were off to change the world. It was a
pretty fun drive, probably due to all of the pre-race excitement and not having
to be at work that day. Missing work always adds an extra element of joy to the


We arrived around three and we still had some time before we could check into our condo so we went out
adventuring; okay I needed a calming drink from Claytons and some food in my
belly and Dara took a picture of her head in a shark. 


The drink was yummy and chip and salsa literally blew out of my hand. It
was magical. 


We checked into our condo which was amazing and changed to head
back out again for the pasta dinner with the Director of the Boston Marathon.


I was pretty cool, I was okay with my fate ahead of me. I was
ready.  All I could hear the night
before was “Granny loves you” and nothing beats hearing that comforting voice
because I knew I would need my grandmothers strength to finish. I wanted a 6:00 finished but planned to stick with the 5:30
group for the first half. That pacer never showed. Oh well, I’m a solo artist
anyways. It’s 6:27 and it’s time to start. Oh wait, they’re still waiting for
shuttles to arrive so they delayed the start until 6:45. My stomach instantly
went into knots. I was crowded, hot, anxious, and just needed to cross the
start line. 


The only hill in the race was the Isabella Causeway and it produced gorgeous views, and killer winds. I didn’t want to waste too much energy training to maintain a decent pace going against headwinds so I just let it be knowing I could catch up later, and I did. The first half of the marathon is ran with the half marathoners and it was a gorgeous course.


 I was on target to run a sub 6:00 by the
half split.

I said a prayer and went left for the marathon and called it a day


There was nothing out there. No people, nothing. I’m a back of the packer
so most of the average/fast people were a good 4-7 miles down the road to the
turn around point so I really felt alone. No spectators, just aid stations
every 1.5 miles. No water views, just sand blowing into your eyes. It was
mentally draining. I was ready to turn myself in at mile 15. But a great gospel
song came on, Never Would’ve Made It by Marvin Sapp. At the moment I knew not
only did I have my Granny with me, but God was there to carry me through my
hardest times. This marathon.

 My stomach couldn’t handle any liquids, gels,
chews, nothing. I really believe I emotionally psyched myself out and made
myself “sick”. My legs felt great, but my head would hurt everytime I ran. So I
walked, I walked a lot, I ran, I ran a lot. I kept moving forward.

Then the magical sign came. Mile freaking 26. At this point
I’m at about a 6:25ish finish or something. So of course I stopped to take a
picture with this sign. Because I could crawl .2 miles, limp, jump, roll,
whatever. I  was going to finish. 


want to say it was an emotional finish for me, but it wasn’t. Dara…freaking
Dara, cried for me because I was a marathoner. I was angry because of how refreshed
she looked because she went back to the condo to shower and rest for a bit. But
I was happy that I did it. I finished. 
I wasn’t last, I didn’t die, and they didn’t run out of medals. I just
wanted to go shower and eat potato chips, and that’s what we did.

I felt so downright amazing afterwards that once I showered and put on the tights we went to go eat burgers and most importantly the liquor store to buy some bubbles to celebrate and chilled on the beach for a good hour until it rained. 


Then the craving hit, I wanted guacamole, and more booze, so off we went again to another local spot that I don’t remember the name of. 

We woke up slightly early to catch the sunset and head back home. It was a boring drive home. Until we detoured to the Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery. Unfortunately it was Sunday and we couldn’t buy bottles, but I did get some cool gear. It was a great weekend. A great Marathon/Half Marathon racecation.


There was definitely some aspect of the race itself that let me down, but I still had a fantastic time during my stay on the Island. 

As fas as running another marathon, these are my thoughts: I hit and it
and quit it. The Marathon is my booty call y’all. And I’m happy to announce that the Marathon Medal because the center and inspiration for my christmas tree this year.


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