Beating Cooking Stress

Y’all, I love fall. It’s the best season ever. I can’t necessarily
say it’s because of the weather because I live in Texas and that could really
mean anything. However, there’s just something magical about the fall
atmosphere. It seems that life slows down a little bit after coming off a crazy
summer, and before a busy winter holiday season. It also brings my favorite
holiday (besides my birthday) that often gets neglected, Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a fabulous time a year in which you can eat
your hearts out without being judged, and if you are being judged, it’s because
you don’t have enough food on your plate. It’s the perfect Erica holiday. Often
times Thanksgiving can bring in a lot of unwanted stress, such as tackling the
stresses of dealing with family, Black Friday/Thursday shopping, and trying to
maintain your prime runners physique through your third plate of turkey and
fixin’s. But for me, the cooking always gets me. Every year my family delegates
tasks to everyone, no job is more important than the other, but I do get the
one thing everyone in my family counts on just as much as the turkey and sweet
potato pie and turkey… THE DRESSING.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I have mad skills in the kitchen,
but cooking dressing is a time consuming project and requires 15 hands at
sometimes. Add in recent changes in my families diets brought in an even bigger
challenge. It all starts with the good ol’ trip to the grocery store to get the
ingredients. With these new dietary restrictions I’m literally on the phone
calling to see if a certain ingredient is okay. When you have 8 million
different packages in your hand and you’re trying to read labels the last thing
I need is having to hold my phone to my face, or those dreaded wired ear pods
that restrict how far I can move from my phone. This is why I’m thankful for
the Plantronics BackBeat Fit. It just made life easier.

This is what 2014 Erica looked like in the baking aisle.
Packages in hand, on the phone with mom asking which one would be okay, praying
to God I don’t drop my phone, and wires in the way. #HotMess


Look at newly upgraded 2015 Erica with her stellar
Plantronics Back Beat Fit.


My phone is somewhere, I’m comfortable able to read packages
and talk without worrying about dropping anything. I couldn’t look any cooler. Well, I guess I do look slightly weird because these
headphones are so discreet it looks like I’m talking to myself. But people just
moved out of my way so it beat the whole standing in line stress.

Every year, once I get home and I get started cooking I zone
out. It’s my area, I ALWAYS have headphones whenever I’m working in the
kitchen, it could be while cleaning or cooking, it doesn’t matter, I have them
on. Music soothes me… it keeps me grounded. It blocks out all outside elements
and allows me to focus on the task at hand. 


I mean come on… look at that beautiful one handed egg crack
and drop (yeah, I just made that term up).

I’m in the zone. I’m relaxed. I’m not worried about how
gluten-free cornbread is going to taste, no concerns about forgetting in
plugged into my phone and dragging it off the counter, no worries about missing
important phone calls.  I have
everything I need in this moment. Two hands, my music via the BackBeat Fit, and
my food. Life is good.


Thanksgiving Erica looked like this. Thinking “WTF!?” because wires are in the
way of me getting my mix on while listening to Beyonce, and my phone sliding
down my pants because I don’t have pockets and it’s tucked into the top of my
yoga pants. If you’re a music lover like I am, you will understand how
the right song can turn a frown upside down, bring back incredible memories,
and just drown out the sounds of something burning in the oven. It’s a great


Using the BackBeat Fit I’m finally free in my kitchen, I’m
not restricted by wires or by having my phone by me all the time. I can hear
all my alerts, listen to music, change songs, talk on the phone, and do
whatever without using up my valuable resources, my hands. I don’t know about
you guys, but have you ever tried to change a song while your hands are covered
in flour and Tea Cake dough? If you haven’t, I’ll save you the trouble, it
doesn’t work.

I am truly thankful for the Plantronics BackBeat Fit this
holiday season. It will allow me to bring my only stress reliever that still
allows me to drive safely into my kitchen and grocery stores without any

It kinda feels like I’m here…


 Which is why I’m excited to announce that BibRave and
Plantronics want to help you beat your holiday stress by giving one of you your
very own pair of Plantronics BackBeat Fit.  The contest is open to US Residents only and will run from
Monday, November 23, 2015-Sunday, November 29, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST. Enter by clicking the giveaway tab to the right! 

 But wait…there’s more! Everyday this week four more BibRave
Pro’s will be releasing their own stress and will be also giving away a pair of
Plantronics BackBeat Fit. While you can’t win all five, you are welcomed to
enter all five giveaways.


Happy Thanksgiving, and Gobble, Gobble Y’all!

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