**Disclaimer: I received a
pair of Wigwam Ironman Lightning Pro Low Cut Socks to review as a part of being a
BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro
(ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race

Gettin’ wiggie in it. I love socks, it’s no secret. I like
regular socks, fun socks, long socks, compression socks, socks with capes, just
socks! I even wear socks to bed about 85% of the time. They make me happy.  So I LOVED being able to try out a
whole new kind of sock.

This my friends are the Wigwam Lightning Pro Socks…or
Wiggies as I like to call them. 

So seems like a normal sock right? No big deal.

How do you like being wrong? I hope you like it a lot
because you’re wrong, this is not a normal sock, and it kinda is a big deal. IT’S THE OFFICIAL SOCK OF IRONMAN TRIATHLONS…and I see why. 

I’ve tried other high dollar brand of socks that have
anatomically correct left foot right foot deal, this does not have that which
is great. Because I don’t like being tied down.  Let me get down to the real reason(s) why I love these

*   They
are ridiculously soft. It’s like wearing your old favorite tshirt on your feet.

*   They’re
actually dry when I take them off. This is big for me because I have some
sweaty feet.

*   They
really really don’t smell (Chitosan in X20 prevents odor…per the website).
Seriously. I have taken them off and sniffed them. Let them sit in the laundry
basket and sniffed them and they don’t smell. I know that’s gross, but I did it
for y’all so I could verify that the technology actually works.

*   I’m buying more as soon as I click post.

Yup, I already made the decision to buy more in different colors (gotta have orange!) and so can
you with the code 10-WG615BR and you’ll get
free shipping plus 15% off. #yourewelcome

But seriously, it’s a legit sock to have in your rotation
for runs that don’t require compression, cross training days, or in my case,
kicking butt at TopGolf. Check out more information about the Ironman Lightning socks including their additional colors, and other offerings here


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