I received a Full UV Buff to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn
more about becoming a BibRave Pro
(ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race

no secret that I am in love with Buff products. I previously reviewed the half
buff and I must say that I love it even more as the days go by, I often find
myself wearing it on a daily basis as a head band. Therefore, I was beyond
thrilled to be able to try out the full buff to see the different styles I
could come up with. 

off, y’all know the orange is on point, besides #orangeisthenewfast after all.
Furthermore, it’s safe, you cannot be missed wearing this orange beauty.

For my
first run, I just put it on to see how it would fit, and I loved it, it was
simple and covered my hair. A friend commented on Instagram saying I look like
a minion, so I dubbed this look as the minion (the headlamp definitely aiding
in the naming of this look).

I decided to try out different styles and instantly decided on the pirate.
ARRRGGG. It’s been go to ever since. I like how this fully protects my hair,
which is great because of the Texas sun can be awfully damaging at times. Also,
I did still wear it to catch the sweat, and as headband but I also enjoyed
wearing it as other styles.

At the
end of the day, I’m pretty pleased with the full buff, however since it’s still
pretty toasty down here I am only reserving it for cooler am runs, or to catch
the sweat. I am sure that whenever the temperatures drop a bit this will be
helpful with keeping my ears warm and as well at catching at boogies. You can
check out the Full Buff and all of their patterns here.

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