Plantronics BackBeat FIT


I received the Plantronics BackBeat FIT Bluetooth Heaphones to review as a part
of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!** 

For the past year I’ve debated cutting the wires and
investing in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones. I looked all the different
brands of headphones but they never seem right, or worth the price they were
asking for. Because of this I was thrilled to have the opportunity to test out
the Back Beat Fit.

Like with many of my reviews I love awesome packaging, and when  companies include handwritten notes, let’s just say that Plantronics delivered.

 Once the box is opened there are the headphones of
course, a charger, and a carrying case that doubles as an arm band (NICE!).

was super excited and wanted to try them out instantly. Now, I thought the
battery was dead because it wouldn’t turn on whenever I would press it, turns
out that I wasn’t pressing the power button at all. Yup, it’s so small that it
blends in with the design on the headphone, and so does the volume better as
well. I found the charging port cover, which also blends in with the headphones,
and charged them until full, about two hours. I really enjoyed being able to
look across the room to know if they’re charged, red led lights indicates that
it’s charging, and blue means fully charged.

I them out for my first run the next morning and I loved the
sound quality, and more importantly how I could still hear everything around
me. I normally run with only one headphone in because I like to be able to hear
everything around me and I could even hear people talking behind me which is
great. When it came time to changing songs and the volume that’s where things
got a bit complicated.

I’ve always had trouble with in the ear headphones in
regards to my left ear. They’re either two small, big, or just hurt. These
headphones fit great into my right ear, but the left ear was a bit harder as
the bud part was a little big. If these headphones came with interchangeable earpieces
perhaps this could provide more comfort options for those of us with odd ears.
Having the piece to clip behind the ear helped to position the bud in a
comfortable place. Because of the awkward fit my left lobe has, it makes
changing the volume a songs and bit difficult because the controls are on that
side, and the extra pressure wasn’t my favorite thing, but it didn’t ruin the
run. In addition, since I have the Apple Watch I can just change the songs from
there, or the volume. Except for when I was battling what may have been an ear
infection but my ears were constantly hurting at that point. But once in for a
few minutes, I totally forget that they’re there.

Anyways, I use the headphones for more than running because
after running in Texas they proved that they can handle the sweat that I can
produce so I started taking to the gym. Total game changer to not have to worry
about cords, and I only left my phone on a machine once, and I didn’t even
fully leave the area before realizing it.

I wear these headphones to listen to music while doing
chores around the house, so that I could leave my phone on the charger and
still have music and take phone calls. These headphones paired with the apple
watch have made things at home and on the run much easier.  It’s vey convenient to not have to pull
my phone out to change a song, start a phone call, skip a song, answer a phone
call, etc.

At the end of the day if something happened to these
headphones I would buy them again. I love music, and I’m constantly listening
to it and these give me stellar sound quality and after getting used to them,
comfort, and of course style. I also really appreciate the carrying case that
doubles as the arm band so that I can keep them protected and have something to
hold phone for those days I forget to bring my flipbelt to the gym. 

In addition plantronics has several apps out that have
guides for how to you’re your headphones and a really cool feature that tells
you about your personal headset and can tell you where you left them last. If
you’re forgetful like me, that’s a pretty nice feature to have. Checkout the
Plantronics Back Beat Fit here and to purchase your own pair of snazzy

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