Six02 Moment…Again

I very rarely do post that are just general updates about my
training, but today is different. If you’ve seen my post on IG or Twitter you
would know that I’ve made the big jump to train for a Marathon and have already
registered for said event. My last race at the young age of 26 will be 26.2
miles of the Inaugural South Padre Island Marathon. Everything about this race
has just felt right, the date, location, and the fact that it has one hill.
I’ll take it. I signed back up with Educated Running with Coach Hammond to help
guide me along this journey. It started off a bit rough with ankle issues very
early on. Under the smart guidance of Twitter peeps and my coach I have made
the necessary adjustments and feeling stronger than ever. I’m actually excited
about this race and less nervous. This process has been an adventure and has
created a ripple effect including me trying two new things in this past week.

First thing I did. I did a group workout, at a store, by
myself. Yup! Nicole Winhoffer was at Six02 in the Galleria Mall for the Adidas
Women tour promoting the new Stella McCartney line. 

Nicole was freaking amazing
and I love her NW Method, lots of twerking, “moving with the natural lines” of
my body and sweating my behind off with some amazing ladies. Her energy was amazing and she is definitely one of the few names in the fitness community I will actually remember. Nicole was so
moved by one particular person (I must admit that she was pretty amazing and
inspiring) and gave her a new pair of Adidas of her choice. Yup, apparently I
should’ve worked harder. Just kidding! Anyways, it was great and they gave out
this awesome Stella McCartney bag (ballin’) filled with goodies I would’ve
never purchased on my own such as a Swell water bottle, Hail Mary gluten-free
macaroons, beet bar thing from, and Kale Chips. 

The Juice Bar Dallas was also
there and I had the Watermelon Mint cold pressed juice and it made me angry. 

was angry because it was good, and I cannot have anymore expensive habits. Real

Lastly. Kinetik Chain was having a renovation-completed
celebration and offered free Normatek and Cryotherapy Recovery sessions. I’ve been dying
to get into one of those chambers and I finally could for free. Basically the
session lasts three minutes and you freeze your behind off. I loved it, I wish
I could stay in there longer. I’m a not a cryo expert but it basically it
allows your body to recover from hard workouts faster. Just go do it, and take
me with you because I felt great post session, and unfortunately I didn’t get
any pictures, but trust me it was cool.  

All in all, I personally hope to continue to with trying new
things (within reason) as new opportunities pop up. As a teacher, when I say
year I mean Aug-May

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