UV Half Buff Review

I received an UV Half Buff to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn
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the insane amount of heat and my normal non-slip headbands not cutting it, I was excited to try out the UV Half Buff. I’ve heard so
much stuff about it, but I had no idea what it actually was. The first look it
looks like a headband, or just a loop piece of fabric, and it is exactly that, a
loop of fabric that blocks 95% of UV rays while wicking away sweat. Athletes of
multiple sports including running, cycling, fishing, snowboarding and more wear
buff headwear. This is truly a multisport and multi-lifestyle product that I
love more than my regular hand bands.


off, there’s so many patterns to choose from, since this was my first time
testing (and because there wasn’t a Texas one) I decided to go with a relatively
neutral design, the Stadi Pinnacle. It was even prettier than I could imagine
and I enjoy how it went with multiple outfits, but my outfit election is an
entirely new blog post. My first use for the buff… a headband! Let me just say,
I’m always looking for something to keep my edges in check, black hair and
sweat do not get along very well and running in scarves can get very hot, but
is a necessity when running in summer and wanting decent hair. The Buff passed
the test, no more hot moisture trapping silk scarves for my run, and it stayed exactly where I put it without a velvet backing or that sticky stuff on other headbands. Sweet relief,
and don’t my little buns look cute!?


I’m such a hardcore runner and I LOVE running in the heat the Buff would be put
up to the ultimate test during the Too Hot to Handle 5k. It’s hot in Texas, and
it was hot that day as well. I started with the Buff wrapped around my wrist to
wipe off sweat, but once the buckets of ice water with ice towels showed up on
the course, I started dipping the buff in the cold water and looping it around
my neck. Sweet relief, it felt oh so good. Better than a cold Dr. Pepper. For
the final wear for the Buff I had to fix my crazy hair, and needed the hair out
of my face for when I had to chow down on some tacos.


the Buff was used for more than running; I used it while out shopping, while
riding my bike, and for a spin session. As some may know a spin class can get
insanely sweaty and it’s hard to grab a towel to wipe the sweat to stop it from
getting in your eyes without messing up your pace. Having the buff on my wrist
to easily wipe my forehead was the best thing ever, it made me more comfortable
during the session since my eyes weren’t burning.


the Buff has multiple uses it’s not just limited to runners, it really great
for yoga sessions, happy hours, spin class and more. Ready to try out a Buff
for yourself? Use the code BIBRAVE10 on the Buff USA website to save 10%.

Also, please check out reviews from the other BibRave Pros that can be found here and on the link up above and read what they thought about the Buff.


Don’t forget to write your race reviews on Bibrave.com and Happy

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