Pain or Pleasure?

I received an Addaday Pro Massage Roller to review as a part of being
a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!** 

“Let me roll over that spot one more time to get the knot out”-That’s what she said.

I must say I do already have a pretty good assortment of
torture recovery devices around the house, but I still needed something that
was a bit more specific. I have the traditional high density foam roller which is great for
my IT band and just general every day aches, my Mobot for rolling on the go
whenever my legs needs a quick bit a love from getting up and down off the
floor and small chairs at work, and I even have a massage stick which I hoped
would give me the ability to concentrate on a specific area a bit more.  

While all these items are great and will remain part of my
routine they were not enough, or a stand-alone act, I always needed one with
the other and “ain’t nobody got time for dat” 


This is where the Addaday Pro Massage Roller comes into play, and the
timing was beyond perfect. 

I decided to make the big 26.2 jump and after the first
week of training I noticed a popping (non-painful, subsiding, not gait/pressure
altering) on my Achilles when walking but it would go away after a few steps
and/or stretching. After texting/tweeting 
people thinking my foot was going to fall out I decided to take the
advice they all gave me, and my coach gave me. “Stretch and foam roll your
calves”. Fine, I’ll freaking roll my calves. Haters. 


Fortunately, I had just gotten the Addaday Pro Massage Roller in the mail (yay
for fun mail!). I went to the Addaday website for videos and I discovered the
first thing I’ve been doing wrong. Rolling my calves… in the proper position, I
got into position, turn on my favorite show and went to work on my trouble leg.
It hurt so freaking good. Once I done I did a calf stretch just to see if I
could notice a difference between my legs and I could instantly tell. The
Addaday leg was like pudding while the other was like a dense fruitcake.  

The precision gear allowed me to really get into parts that
I could feel tightness and such as shins in which I have a previously diagnosed
muscle strain that gets irritated at random times. 


*Photo Credit:*

The other gears are smooth
and feel more natural (SST, Surface Skin Technology) versus hard plastics and foam that other rollers provide,
and they allow my skin and muscles to not only flow in between them, but on top
as well in any motion I desired including circular (talk about a beating).  You can learn more about the science behind an Addaday Massage Roller here


*Photo Credit:*

Throughout week 2 of training and rest days I continued to
use the roller and even made every person I came in contact with use it as I
always had it in my bag. Here’s Dara rolling in like a boss in the parking lot. 


 I am beyond
confident that Addaday helped my calves to get the relief they needed to Add a day to my running (see what I did there?) I will forever use it as long as it’s working.  I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a quality
stick roller, or for information on how to use one, to check out Addaday’s
website here, they have several different products and videos that are bound to
meet your recovery needs for running or anything else life may throw in your

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