Happy Feet

Disclaimer, I received a tube of RunGoo to test and review from FootKinetics, all opinions are my own.*

I was contacted by FootKinectics about a month ago to see if I was interested in trying out some RunGoo, a cream that helps to reduce friction between the sock and skin thus protecting the feet from blisters…even sweaty feet. Coming off the my last tri ankle issue in which my cheap walmart shoes rubbed the back of my ankle raw in one spot I needed something for my heal to provide comfort while I ran for a bit. So I went for it.

It’s very easy to apply, has no scent, and doesn’t require you to rub anything in using your hands.

Pop off the cap.

Rub a dub.

Roll up sock.

Love it. It was after using it the first time that I realized how unprotected the back of my ankle was. The foot with the RunGoo felt so much better in my shoe, while the other shoe wasn’t uncomfortable, it didn’t feel as nice at the RunGoo shoe.  It was perfect, and I do have sweaty feet that usually create a problem in general for my socks. I typically run in the low cut ankle socks, but I guess it wasn’t giving me as much protection in that areas as I thought it was, but now I use RunGoo to make up for it. I no longer feel the back of my shoe, or my sock rubbing, it’s quite fantastic.

I now currently use RunGoo for every single run in which I’m not wearing compression socks. But that’s not all. Whenever I get ready to wear shoes without socks that tend to hurt the back of my ankle, ladies you know what I’m talking about, I use a little bit of RunGoo on there as well. In addition FootKinectics offers various other Goo products for all of your needs, but RunGoo has my ultimate stamp of approval, and I wouldn’t dare to run without it, or break in a new pair of flats without it.

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