Listen Linda


I have a serious listening problem, it’s not a big secret.
But I am about listening to my body because who knows me better than me? No
one, which is why my planned 15k turned into a 5k, and I’m happy about my

So this was my first time ever run at White Rock Lake and to
run the Too Hot to Handle put on by Run Project which is a fantastic local race
production company. I love doing their races, and was excited about this one.
Anyone who knows me knows that I magically get some sort of mystery illness 2-3
before a race, I kid you not, it happens every time. Who wakes up congested in
the middle of summer? I do, that’s who, because I had a race planned. I had
this issue going on, and also other issues we shall not discuss but I knew early
on that running a 15k was going to be a struggle, I knew that every ounce of
body would have to fight to make it, and I knew that sometimes the fight isn’t
worth it, race day confirmed that it wasn’t worth it.

It started like any other race day, I got dressed, told Dara
I was ready when I really wasn’t, left something(s) at home that I needed, but
whatever. Normal. The race started at 7:30 we got there at 6:15ish, sweet baby
Jesus. Parking was cray cray, never freaking again, I’m sorry I don’t drive a
freaking Audi, but I’m not parking my car on the side of a regular road, nope,
not gonna do it. Guess what, it doesn’t matter if I wanted to do it or not
because there was no where to do it at. We, and a million other people
literally parked about a mile away. I’m serious, Dara used her GPS on her polar
and it was just shy of mile, just to walk there. I had plenty of time to
convince her to switch our distance to the 5k *evil laugh here*. While
getting a replacement bib (don’t ask), we inquired about making the switch,
they gave us no trouble about switching, love them. I traded a maple bacon gu
which was the incentive for switching and we waited to start. 

Okay we took pictures.

It was crowded, more crowded than any other race I had done.
I don’t exactly have a fast pace, but I could not settle into any pace at all,
once you start running, you hit a wall of people. There just wasn’t enough

 I was angry. Running across the first wooden bridge in which you’re
facing oncoming 5k traffic, I thought “this is stupid, I’m going to take a
picture of how stupid this is” and I did.

The other bridges that are built from cement and iron had so
many people running on them that they bounced. There were two, the first made
me sick from the movement so I ran the longer one that went over the lake to
get it over with, and ouch Sometimes when your foot is coming down to strike
the bridge is giving the bottom of your shoe a nice high five. Not fun.  Whatever, I finish I get my medal, take
a picture of Dara finishing and looking angry and I thank myself for not
pursuing the 5k and Dara for downgrading with me. With the crowds, heat, and
what was going on with my body I knew I had made the right choice. I really
knew I made the right choice when I saw a Dr. Pepper tent. The last Run Project
race I did was the half and I finished towards the end of the pack and nothing
was left. Since the 15k was still out I was able to enjoy a nice Dr. Pepper,
coffee cake from Corner Bakery, TCBY and other random goodies.

And of course, we got tacos at Good 2 Go Tacos after ( I had to send a picture to Twitter Jen), and they had a fantastic
coffee shop, Cultivar Coffee,  inside of the taco shop and I had the best “grown-up” (no mocha,
toffee, soy, sprinkle, coconutty, etc.) ever.

I heart running, and my body. Funny story, on Tuesday, two
days after the race, I ended up at the doctor’s office with asthma issues, so
it’s probably good that I didn’t try to push very hard on Sunday.

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