Wave Enigma 5

**Disclaimer: I received a
pair of the Mizuno Wave Enigma 5’s to review as a part of being a BibRave Pro.
Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro
(ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review, find and write race reviews!
All opinions about the race are my own.**

For the past two years
I’ve only ran in one kind of shoe and that’s it. I’ve tried different shoes and
nothing has come close to my current shoe. Then along came this little gem from
Mizuno known as the Wave Enigma 5.


Love the brightness

The Wave Enigma 5 is a
neutral shoe that has 8.8oz and features a combination of their new u4icX and
U4ic midsole foam for cushioning. The shoe also brings in some awesome
technology including their trademark wave, DynamotionFit, you can learn more
about these technologies here.

I can honestly say that I
own two pairs of Mizuno’s (Wave Rider 17 & 18) and I’ve tried to run in
them, and I’m not a fan. But they look really awesome so…I keep them for style
purposes. Typically the problem I’ve had with most shoes is that the arch feels
really weird on my right foot. Something I noticed with the other pair of Wave
Riders that I own. But after slipping on the Enigma 5, I didn’t feel that, and
I was instantly impressed and happy that I might just be able to branch out to
a different a brand for my shoes.

I literally put them on
and started jumping up and down in my kitchen… so unbelievably light and
cushioney (totally a word). I have never ever ever ever, owned a shoe that felt
this soft and I loved every single
step. If you don’t like cushion in your shoes, this probably isn’t the shoe for
you. I initially took these bad boys out for a treadmill run.


Then I took these puppies
out for the real test. I hate running hills, I hate running in the heat. I hate
it. I hate it. I hate it. My feet get super sweaty, my feet hurt, my body
hurts, it’s just not cool. The cushion in the Enigma 5 made this run a little
bit more bearable, my feet didn’t hurt as much as they normally do, which was
great, they actually felt refreshed…with the exception my left foot. My pinky
toe and whatever toe that is next to it seemed to rub on the top of the shoe a
bit and almost “catch” on something. I ran in these again, and noticed the same
thing happened, it could be due to my socks, or the toe box isn’t as wide to
accommodate my foot strike. Who knows, it’s not something to stop me from
running in these bad boys. They probably won’t work out as a long run shoe
until I figure out the cause of the whole “toe catching” issue, but they are
great for treadmills and hills. These shoes offer an extreme amount of comfort
and style, what else could a runner ask for?

In addition Mizuno has a
#MilesChangeYou campaign going on, which inspires runners everyone to share how
miles have changed them. I’ll be posting my own personal testament to how miles
changed me on Monday in preparation for the most amazing #BibChat ever that
will take place on Twitter this Tuesday, July 7, 2015. I hope to “see” you
there, and Mizuno will be giving out some shoes…just saying.  

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