Spa Girl Tri- Recap

What!? I’m blogging again!? Well, I said I would do better, and
this weekend was a fantastic blog worthy weekend. I did my second tri, the Spa
Girl Tri
at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine. I was beyond excited for this race
up until about a week ago. The heavy rains flooded a lot of areas and canceled
many races, with this location being so close to Lake Grapevine, it was unknown
if we would be having a race at all, and if it did what would it be like.
Anyways, the race directors pushed on to make sure something happened this
weekend for the ladies, which I was happy about, because I was not interested
in losing my $115 race entry fee. Being the most expensive race I have ever
signed up for I had big expectations and it seemed like that they would not be
able to deliver.

Anyways, a few days before the race we got our final instructions
and panic set in, at this moment I found out that not only did I have to leave my bike racked Friday night, but after the swim I must run a
half mile back to transition to the bike. Umm…what? I wear glasses, and I
could not process potentially having to run a half mile blind back to my
glasses, where am I going to put my shoes!? What if some mistakes my shoes for
theirs? What is this madness!?? Luckily when I emailed and posted on facebook
they pretty much was like “We got this, you’ll see, don’t worry you’ll
have an area”. They totally had this, in the parking lot they had strips
of take going across the spaces, each row had a group of 100 that went with
body marking and everyone had their own spot on the line. Luckily at 398 I was
at the end of the line, furthest from the swim area, but closest to the run

But we can’t even get to this point, because I didn’t even tell
you what happened before that. We get there, and I’m like, “oh I guess
I’ll put on my shoes now” because we need to wear them to the pool to run
back in, and this moment I realized something. I brought one shoe. Yup one. I
can understand no shoes, but just one lonely Ghost 6. ONE! I panicked because
not only do I like about 45 minutes away, we have to catch the shuttle to the
pool by 6:30. So I ask Dara if I can steal her car to go my sister’s house who
lives twenty minutes away to borrow shoes from her. One heck of a panic wake up
call she got. But on the way there I pass walmart. At this point, it doesn’t
matter where the shoes come from, I go buy some nine dollar shoes and get back
just in time to put Dara’s keys away and catch the shuttle with her. God bless
that woman because she took my stuff earlier and set up my transition area
better than I could’ve. LOVE HER!

So swim, I don’t know what’s going on, I can’t see a thing. All I
know it’s in the lazy river it’s 3 feet deep, there’s no jets, there’s a bunch
of people and a really long line. Before we get started they have a tradition
of doing a prayer. I was sold, bold race directors right there, and I
appreciated them praying for our safety and perseverance. The second tradition
is the participants singing the national anthem. I didn’t find the flag until
halfway through but it was cool. 7:00 for person went in. It was a long wait,
really long wait. I went with the 400s group, and didn’t get in the water until
8:15, good thing we just prayed because I normally would’ve lost my religion. People finished before I even started. I was not thrilled about that,
perhaps if transition was closer they could’ve organized the swim start time by
race numbers so we’re not just standing in line for an hour. Just saying. Swim
was great, I was like a freaking shark. Get out, get my stuff, start running,
thirty seconds later, walmart shoe lace comes untied. Whatever, not fixing it.
They hurt, they’re killing the back of ankles. But I can make since it’s only
like two miles total.

 I would put a picture here, but I don’t like feet pictures but just know the back of my ankle will not be able to handle shoes for a few days.

Bike. Nailed it, this was greatly affected by the floods, They
had to change our course to three 2 miles loops in place of 2 five miles loops.
Hey, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit. With the morning I was
having, I was happy to have a shorter course.

Run. Yup, it hurt, my knees hurt, my right ankle hurt, the shoes
came untied every 2 minutes. I could not walk in these shoes. I had no idea
where my bib was to place on this part, my feet were miserable. miserable. I
quickly removed them to go to the post race festivities.

it was beautiful, great food, lots of happy people, beautiful
view, mimosas. Just a flawless ending. Most importantly, I could leave my shoes
off for a bit. We ate, took pictures, laughed, complained. We walked back to
transition, probably about a half mile away, and yes I walked without shoes.
Changed clothes, and packed up. Spa Girl made sure this was an unforgettable
weekend. They partnered with several local businesses to get us discounts for
showing our bib. One of those included a $4 wine flight, the rest is history.
Whilst driving there I was like “We should totally do a wine walk”,
Dara had never been happier and she agreed. So we literally walked around maybe
a whole half mile of grapevine for like six hours stopping at wineries and
local businesses for flights and goodies we got discounts on because of spa
girl. The farmers marker was also great, it just worked out that it was the
same weekend as Spa Girl, I will definitely go back and visit.

All in all, I had a very angry email planned for Spa Girl, at the
end I felt as if I should write them an apology email to say I’m sorry for the
angry email I was going to send you. I look forward to potentially traveling to
one of their other locations either in San Antonio or Lost Pines.

Also, courtesy something great will be happening on the blog soon as well. I’ll show what’s in the box on Instagram

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