It’s Almost Off-Season

As many of you know, Texas is hot. Especially during the Dog
Days of summer, therefore I do not really “race” during this time and I have
officially labeled it as my off-season. However, this off-season did not come
with out much work and of course bountiful amounts of blessings. From my
previous post you would know that I lost my mind for a moment and did like
8,000 races over the time period of -20 weekends. It was the most fun I have
ever had, minus the insane amount of money spent and not sleeping in on the
weekends. But it was fun, my body was physically, mentally, and spiritually
tested in ways I didn’t know was possible and it won. It won against the
elements of “I can’t”, “You can’t” and “Why?”. It won so well, it got me
cupcakes from the fabulous Jen. She’s a rock star on the pavement and in the

Let me tell you a story.

On one faithful day in May, May the third to be exact, we
(Dara, Jen, and myself) were set to run the Skyline Half in honor of Dara’s
birthday. Dara and I had our matching outfit, she embraced my obsession with
Pro Compression and how I can now perfectly match my outfits thanks to them. 


look amazing, not gonna even lie. Nope, no picture, ain’t nobody got time for
that. Anyways, we get there I complain, I get happy because I got an alert that
my card was finally charged for my Apple Watch and yeah. The skyline half
course is gorgeous and very confusing with all of the turnarounds. Also, this
was the flattest and hilliest course I have ever ran in my life. There was not
a middle ground here, it was either flat, or your running up a hill, that
simple. I do not like hills. Especially monster sized ones. 


Fun Fact, most of this course is currently underwater.


Anyways, since I’m
slow and this was a small race mostly everything was packed up and gone by the
time we finished, freaking Jen was done and changing and getting the golden
cupcakes from the car of her coach who she rode with there, and we went meet Maegen for tacos. I love tacos. So we eat tacos,
everyone listens to me complain more about how hot it was ( I really do not do
well in the heat at all, and there was no shade on this course, none, just
straight sun my face was covered with salt.) and the cupcakes are pulled out.
This woman had made and box each one of us our own little six pack of heaven,
and of course because I have to be different. She made a special hybrid cupcake
of kahula on top of a vanilla bean cupcake. OH MAH GOODNESS. My problems went
away and that’s the story of what should’ve been my last race this year.

But it’s not, which brings me to my next big thing. I
finally got accepted as a BibRave Pro Ambassador. Yeah…that’s right, pick your
jaw up. I’m beyond stoked to be part of this amazing community of social
runners and I am looking forward to the opportunities it will bring.  If you don’t know what BibRave is about,
you’re totally missing out and probably live under a rock in middle of no where
Texas. I like to think of it as the yelp of races, it’s a place where you can
review and read reviews of different races across the globe. If you’re ever
unsure about a race, head to to check it out to get the real story
behind the race. With that, I am going to be doing my first race as  BibRave Pro on June 13th in
Dallas. This race, Peace Love Run, is presented by Back on My Feet DFW and will
be held at Fair Park this year. Back on My Feet is a non-profit dedicated to helping
those in need get back on their feet. I find it fantastic that one of their
ways of doing this is through running (we kinda need feet to run, or in some
cases of super star athletes, they have an alternate to feet, but still the
same concept). Come out and support a good cause while saving 15% using the coupon
code “Bibrave”. Come say hi, take a #selfie with me, and bring snacks. Later
that evening I will be doing the TIki Run 10k in Plano because that’s the day
it got moved to, not gonna even talk about that race…


Have you ever signed up for a race and kinda forgot about
it? Yeah that happened, this Saturday I will be doing the Spa Girl Tri at
Grapevine. I must say, I’m most excited about everything that happens after, it
mostly involves food, booze, and an awesome hotel room with an awesome friend.

As far as non-running things go… I took a random trip to Houston, got my nerd on at the Houston Museum of Natural Science ( I LOVE science). I had yummy food, crepes, nutella hot chocolate (yes I did), and empanadas. I’ve graduated my first kindergarten class, AND i became a Dr. on Demand Ambassador, and you can download the app and FaceTime with a real doctor, and get a real prescription for free with the code ERICA15. Also, I found a new cider that I love which you can see on instagram. 


And that, my friends, is two months in a nutshell. I promise
I’ll get better at this whole blog thing. Until next time… stay happy.

Oh and I’m running a full marathon in December, any tips is
beyond welcomed, bye!

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