It’s been some times since I’ve blogged last but I have good reasons for why.

*So I typed all this and it didn’t save so I’m not proofing this blog, enjoy the errors and gorgeous pictures.*

1. I did five straight weekends of races
2. Five straight weekends of racing plus the higher demand work and life has put on me leaves very little downtown
3. I’m lazy

Now with that out the way I’m excited to offer a bit of info about what has gone on since May.

I have completed 4 more 5ks and 3 more half marathons. I’m pretty thrilled about that since it happened in a short span of time and I felt better than expected after each race.

It started with the Dash Down Greenville 5k, which was beyond fun and probably would’ve been a PR if it weren’t for the crowds that literally had you a stop. But whatever. My outfit rocked.


Next up came the Rock n Roll weekend which was exhausting. Started with the 5k… Which turned out to be the same day of a beyond mandatory training class that I had to attend. Thank God it started it early and I was only 20 minutes late to the all day class. The 5k was nice and simple, gorgeous medal. The half, still my favorite, was just gorgeous. I didn’t enjoy all the hills especially at the end but I loved every minutes of running across the Margaret Hunthill Bridge. There’s just something about shutting down major roads so I can slowly run and walk that really excite me. This race will be getting a more detailed review later. Maybe, either way I’m already signed up for 2016.


Next weekend- the color run in the morning firefly in the evening. This was my first color run and I’m typically anti color run because I do not like the texture of the powders. I didn’t die (thank God), my outfit rocked, again. I think the custom shirt we had made gave me super powers. I love that the color run provided bracelets you could preregister with your social media account. Basically they had station in which volunteers would take your picture, and tap your bracelet. It was instantly emailed to you and posted to your designated social media page.


The firefly was nice, I’m usually not a fan of nighttime races but the firefly was different this year. Maybe it’s because I knew we were going the pub right after that was in walking distance. I didn’t take a single picture… I don’t even remember what I wore, I was tired. 

Here comes April and the Irving Half Marathon. So pretty, and I loved it. It had some hills here and there and I didn’t love the out and back concept, but in a way it was nice seeing landmarks to let me know how much closer I was to the finish. I did not enjoy seeing all the people ahead of me and the fast runners with their runner abs… Haters. While I didn’t like having to pay for parking, it at least super close. I was also battling a bad headache so I was thankful for the short walk. I also skipped my usual post run junk meal for some comforting chicken pho. 


Lastly, came a local race, which I’m actually wearing the shirt from- The Fairview Half by The Active Joe. I love these races, the crowds the director, Libby, is able to draw is unique. If you really want to know what a runners community feels like, run one of her races. Everyone is awesome, the hills suck balls, the llamas rules and she gives you a big race medal and bundt cakes. Just run one of the races. Please. You will not be disappointed. They have the very popular new years double which sells out every single year in every distance AND is consistently listed in a Runners World list for coolest race bling.

And that’s two months (not really) in a nutshell. My next race is scheduled for 5/3- The Skyline Half!


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