Half Crazy

After getting the big “okay” from the doctor I have lost my mind and have gone half crazy. Between now and mid April I will have completed three half marathons. I know some people do more, and that’s fantastic for them, but this is a new challenge for me. Oh did I mention that I will also be doing a race every weekend up until then? My marathon of race weekends actually started yesterday with Dash Down Greenville, still debating if I want to review that race since it was really just an awesome party that involved running and samples of Muscle Milk. 

Anyways I am hoping that this new challenge of these three half marathons will help me to get on track to reach my 2015 goal of making it the purple level on Nike, and joining Half Fanactics. I don’t know why I have this desire to join it, but I’m pretty sure it just comes down to me wanting the shirt. I really want that shirt.

I’m trying to stay focused on the prize, finishing healthy and getting medals and continuing on to running half marathons, the blog is Another Half Please after all and perhaps working my way up the marathon. No, there will never be Another Full Please blog authored by yours truly. The marathon will most likely either be a one night stand, or a booty call for lonely nights, not a marriage. 

I’m slowly getting back to being me and now that I’m running with less pain I am much happier, it’s easier to get out the door, I just feel better. I feel confident, there’s no other way to explain it. I’m happy and ready to run these races, pending we actually get medals the day of the race #justsayin.

Closing Note: I like costumes for races now

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