Hot Chocolate Dallas!

I love the Hot Chocolate race series, even thought I don’t
really care for chocolate. It’s chocolate in moderation and I respect that
100%, but most importantly this race has the best swag ever. If anyone knows me
they are well aware that I have an obsession with jackets and hoodies, and I
love that this race gives me that instead of a shirt.

Basically, this was my first 15k and I was beyond ready
for it, until, I got sick. Typically before every race I get some weird
sickness that goes away but this one did not. But I was determined to get that
medal and I’m a runner and unless our leg is broken we will run. The expo was
better in comparison to the one I went to two years ago and my nephew loved
every minute. I will say my favorite part was the chocolate covered
strawberries AND the Nesquik, Thin Mint flavor, yum. I got my stuff, finally
convinced the boy it was time to go and I had to meet up with my GU-thing for
my traditional spaghetti and pizza at Angelo and Vito’s. Once again night air
hit and I didn’t think I was going to make it to the start line. That morning I
was so unsure about if I was going to make it, I did not feel good at all,
fever, sore throat, tired, weak, you name it, it was there. But I really wanted
a medal, I really did. If anyone who knows me they know I do not run with
jackets unless it’s just horribly freezing and it was not in this case, and
guess who had a jacket on because she was cold. Me.

The race was slightly delayed but not by a lot, anyways,
the horn thing went off we ran and we ran. It was beautiful, the weather, in my
normal state of mind, would’ve been perfect. The scenary was just flawless,
since I don’t live in Dallas I love seeing such unique communities that are
booming with so much personality it just truly makes you appreciate what a
beautiful place Dallas truly is. Then there were hills, in the neighborhood I
later discovered was called Hollywood Hills, really funny y’all. 

Lots of hills,
I cannot stress how overly hilly this seemed to me, so imagine my delight
seeing this at mile 5.5. Yes I took a shot because what do I have to lose
because I felt like crap and my mama always told to have a whiskey drink
whenever I feel sick. 

I felt like super woman, until you know, like mile 7, but
at that point I didn’t care I was happy I was almost done and just enjoying the
moment. I finished, with a technical PR because it was my first 15k and I did
much better than I ever imagined. I picked up my medal, and headed to get my
mug which contains yumyums that I had no desire to eat. Took my obligatory
finisher items picture and left so I could go back to bed.

Shortly after I realized horrible pains in my leg, and had
to take off some time from running, which is why there is such a delay in this
post. While waiting for my appointment I had desire to discuss anything running
simply because I was angry and bitter and could not do it. As of Monday after
seeing the doctor I am good to go, I have a fancy named muscle strain and I
have to take some fancy anti-inflammatory, RICE, listen to my body and scale
back running a bit. I’m a happy camper and looking forward to getting back into
the groove. I was so excited to get back to running that I went in the snow today!

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