The Best Gift

This year was the best year of my life.


No doubt about it.

2014 was the year of opportunity. I was given some of the best gifts in the world. First off, I got the gift of having tremendous support from my family in all of the new obstacles I was about to encounter. I love them, they rock. My job decided I was awesome and offered me a scholarship to become a certified Montessori Instructor and gave me my own classroom as lead teacher, awesome sauce. If that wasn’t enough to make this year rock I got the best gift ever, the gift of running.


* I ran two miles less than last year, but I had less runs and shaved 38 seconds off my average pace. Progress is progress* 

I’ve always taken running for granted, as if it was a natural right that I had by being born, and in a way it is. The truth of the matter is that it is a gift, because not everyone can do it. This goes beyond the will power of wanting to do it, but there are some who physically cannot do it and would give anything in the world to be able to do it. I cherish this gift and I run with those in mind who cannot run for themselves.

I started running about two years ago with my first race being the Glow Run 5k, which took place the weekend the big 24th birthday. I remember being at the start line with the crew and we were talking about how we would never run a half marathon. From there we continued onto our goal of a 5k a month, little did I know, that in December a whole month after my first 5k I would make the decision to train for a half marathon, just to see. I did it in May, followed by a super sprint tri in August and signed up for my first half race to be in November, before the big 25. Injury happened, and 2014 was my comeback.


*First race, It’s obvious based on the shoes, form and everything else I was clueless, but we all start somewhere*

This is why 2014 rocked. I raced five new distances/races for the first time this year. The kicker. Cowtown 10k- Loved every minute of it and it still holds the record for my fastest 10k: 1:18:00


Leaping Leprechauns 1k with my nephew- This was his first race, and this kid is fast and has either won or finished in the top three of all of his 1ks and he’s seven. I have no clue what our time was but it was fast!


*All kids get their medals mid-air… right?*

Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon-Dallas: What I’ve been waiting for my entire life, this race was made for me. I did it by myself, thought I was going to throw up, contemplating leaving the coral and going home like fifty times. Remembered how much I paid for it, decided to suck it up, thought I was gonna have an asthma attack and mile four. Finished and got hooked. This race is the exact reason for this blog, and why I started a Twitter account. This is why I constantly ask for Another Half…PLEASE just one more half!


Lozilu/Gladiator Mud Run- Lozilu is the all women’s OCR and was a gateway for me to challenge myself. Lozilu- Grilled Cheese, Gladiator: Grilled Cheese with Bacon and three types of cheeses. If you know me, I’m anti-mud, I have texture issues and dry mud on my skin makes me sad. But I challenged myself again, if I can run a half I can deal with mud for three miles right? Right I was. Gladiator kicked my behind, I had bruises in unnatural places, soreness in the places I didn’t think could get sore and the best time of my life.


Lastly, Six:02 6k- I bet you haven’t ran a 6k before. Resulted in a 5k PR of 34:39 Mile PR: 10:20 and 1k PR: 6:23 and this was a 6k before the big 26. This race also set me up the PR at the Dallas Marathon (I did the half) with a Nike Time of 13.1 Miles in 2:49 and Official Ultra Half time of 2:53… I’ll take both PR regardless.


Three Half Marathons, One 10k, One 5k, Two OCR, One 1k, and One 6k later I close out this year of running and opportunity and I thank every single person who has been with me on this journey, from family and friends to my twitter family who have and continue to inspire me to do more. I’m really excited to see what 2015 brings.

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