Dallas Marathon *Half* Weekend


The weekend finally came, the weekend of the Dallas Marathon, the event I planned to make my first half marathon ever last year. I suppose looking back at the events that unfolded last year it’s a good thing I did not sign up for it, but that’s a different story. I was beyond excited for this race and could not wait for the weekend to begin. I had my hotel room booked that would be shared with my best buddy,  Dara, I had money to blow on race registrations and I had a chance to participate in one of the biggest events in Texas and be apart of something special. Let me tell you this, I was not disappointed at all.

It all began with #teamcupcakes shirts, a twitter joke turned into a reality when we all got custom shirts made to rock as we please. The days slowly crept by as I was waiting for two things to happen, this weekend, and this coming up Friday, WINTER BREAK! But Friday before the race finally came and I ran across the hall to Dara’s class and reminded her that in a little while she would be stuck with be for over 24 hours, I sent the same reminder via Twitter. I did not pack until Saturday morning and I’m happy I waited, it kept my mind occupied while waiting to head down to Dallas, because you know it’s like forever away (ha!).


We checked into our fancy hotel with ease and I did my obligatory belly flop onto the bed to test it out. Right after I got a text from Maegen saying she was here and she walked over, met Dara for the first time and we walked to the expo and met up with Selena, and Jen who rock as well. image

Love this view.

The expo was buckets of fun, no I didn’t take any pictures…I don’t know why I guess I was more concerned with finding deals on race registrations, and playing catch me if you can with Jen. I did feel as if this expo was much smaller than the one that took place in 2012 as I volunteered with RAM Racing at that one and it seemed to have so much more, but I’m not complaining (that much). Less vendors means more money in my pocket. While some races did not have discounts (bummer) some did, especially my favorite, Rock N’ Roll! I got registered for that, figured out dinner plans and signed the wall of fame.



Dinner rocked. Yum Yum, but unfortunately earlier in the day I was having serious tummy issues and battled some nausea which I assumed was due to nerves but dinner proved that to be wrong. Every yummy delicious bite made my stomach cramp, but that doesn’t stop a champ like me from eating, YOLO.


**Deep Ellum was on point Saturday night** 

We got back at a decent time Dara tried to make me go to sleep at a decent time and I responded to her by signing soul/blues ABC’s, #winning.  Finally it was race morning, she woke up and did like 1000 things before I even considered getting out bed. Basically it went like this, she showered I got up turned off the lights opened the curtains and laid there. I pondered the thoughts about my last race of the year and the race I seemed to have waited a lifetime for and I texted my family to say thank you.


I love them, they rock.


I got ready, made us late, but we made it and before I knew it we were running. Something was very wrong, and I knew it within the first mile. My legs were cramping and I could not run faster not matter how hard I tried; I could not lift my legs, as they felt so so heavy. I was nervous, and scared. But I kept trucking on the relatively flat course and enjoyed every moment out there. The scenery is beautiful and part of the course mimicked the Rock N’ Roll Half from last year. This race validated why I love to run in Dallas, the neighborhood support is amazing. I thought most people would be angry about not being able to leave their houses, but no they made signs, got the kids up and cheered us on for every single mile. Spectators can make or break a race, and they definitely made it. It drizzled a bit, wind pushed me around and I may or not have had a generous margarita at the house across the street from the Dallas Naked Cowboy (I totally did).



  I finished, not in the goal time I would’ve liked, but it was a PR (2:53) and I will take it! I got my Dallas Duo Medal, stretched, got an awesome icepack and tried to beat the rain. We kinda did. We were able to wait out the first surge of rain, and the second it let up we booked it back to the hotel, because well, it was one hour until checkout time!


We finished out the weekend with lunch at the Angry Dog in Deep Ellum and an afternoon of relaxation. After this race and my recovery my right hamstring has me concerned, it has one spot that is not getting any better and there is a huge knot that there that I cannot seem to workout. Hopefully it’s minor, but only proper recovery and time will tell. On a happy note, I finished all 19 of my parent gifts on MONDAY and sent them home AND…two days until Winter Break y’all!!


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