Motion Geek

About Mid November I was emailed by Motion Geek to try out their virtual gait analysis. This is an online program that involves you and tripod, or you and friend, and your trusty camera recording a series of videos. These videos include different running, views and movements labeled as “functional movements”, these include squats and their variations. Once you upload these videos they have a physical therapist, not Joe from the runner store (I do like Joe from the runner store as well), analyze every aspect of not only your form, but also your general health.

I did all of this during my homemade Turkey Trot with a friend and I was anxious to receive my results…and wow.

I felt as I had visited my doctor, the amount of detail in the notes was mind blowing. They diagnosed the areas of concern with my running form, such as me being a heel striker, and knee valgus and gave me tips and exercises to fix the areas of concern. When I say they gave exercises I do not mean that they said do this, they showed me how to do it with videos, no googling random exercises for me. They presented this by showing a still image of me running or squatting and circled in a nice bright green what was not aligned properly and provided a description of what was off. Don’t think it’s all bad, if there are no changes to be made they will give you all of your props for that.



In additional they gave a full general analysis about my running form and that I appeared to be in good cardiac shape (They totally got brownie points for that statement).


It has been about a week since I have started making the recommended changes and implementing the new exercises and I am going to do another analysis a few months down the road to see if there any improvements that they have noticed.

I would recommend any runner who has had injuries, dealing with an injury, or trying to stay injury free to try this out at least once. They specialize in keeping your body happy and healthy and to help increase your body mechanics to make you a more efficient runner, efficient runners are faster runners…isn’t that what everyone wants?

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