SIX:02 Weekend

SIX:02 is a clothing store dedicated to making women look awesome while they sweat. The stores are upbeat, clean, and modern and carries the latest trends in athletic wear. They want women to look and feel their best as they achieve their #SIX02Moment. I’ve never heard of this store until I kept seeing the Facebook ads for the It’s Your Time 6k they had coming up. I kept looking into and wasn’t sure about signing up until I saw a picture of a finisher’s necklacke. Then I found a coupon code for $15 off and my brain went into math mode: 35-15= $20 race. Can’t beat that price. Factor in the necklace, Asics tech and great location, I just had to sign up. So I signed up on my lunch break the Friday prior to the race and ran across to hall to convince another soul and like always she all in. I picked up our race packets that same evening at the Galleria Mall in Dallas and I got into the Christmas spirit when I saw the tree.

I love Christmas.

I was able to quickly get our packets…and wow. Look at all this gear that was included, well worth the money paid. The bib itself is different, it’s not like the other weird material ones, it was thick and nice (That’s what she said).

I wandered around the mall (no one walks in and out of the galleria), left, dropped off her bag, got my flat runner ready and watched House Hunters until like 12:30.

Fast forward to the day of the race. It was cold. It was cold, there was wind, but there wasn’t any traffic and the race site was beautiful. The race was held at Klyde Warren Park which is a beauty on its own due to its location, cleanliness and it’s in one of the nicest parts of Downtown Dallas. It was cold and gorgeous. While walking up we saw white tables and were very confused about why there were couches and fanciness everywhere. But I had a mission I needed to take care of first and so did she. Mine was way more important, I had to see if Trailer Cakes was open…they were not.

Missions were completed and we took a quick picture, which they emailed AND printed out for us (thank you very much) and we were off to the start. It was gorgeous, there was a trainer there warming everyone up, I warmed my twitter account up by tweeting non-stop because that’s how I roll. The National Anthem time came, and we were off. After running in Downtown after the Rock ‘N’ Roll half I’ve wanted to do all my races there and this course did not disappoint. The last part of the first mile was downhill and that totally set me up to PR in a mile and the 5k. There were two major hills, climbing up to the Katy Trail and at the very end. This was my first time to run on the Katy Trail and I will be back, it was nice seeing all of the different runners out there, way more than what I see while running in McKinney. This is also where SIX:02 went above and beyond, the trail was lined with balloons and inspirational quotes, and more balloons. Who doesn’t love running through balloons!!??

I finish, get my necklace, wait for my friend (who killed it as well), and we wandered off again to find out the purpose of the fanciness. It was a salon!

You could choose between a massage, hair style, makeup, or manicure. We picked the manicure because that was the one thing we couldn’t do ourselves lol.It was a great and legit manicure.

After that we went and got hot chocolate to warm our hands, they were sadly out of Quest Bars, but whatever we missed the long manicure lines. 

Then something amazing happened. SIX:02 hooked up me with a chance to meet Kelly from Run, Selfie, Repeat to chat with her and she was amazeballs. See the picture below. They also provided me with a chance to meet Carrie Tollefson, but I just couldn’t handle the excitement of that and I’m kicking myself for not taking advantage of the opportunity.

At the end of the day I had fun. We had fun and it didn’t stop there. We were able to buy a reasonably priced long sleeved shirt, and the shopping continued.


We went to a local running store because they were having a store birthday sale…this is my haul for $100- A normally priced $60 bra is not pictured as it was not bought for me, so this is what I got for $90.

And if that wasn’t good enough. I got gas for a $1.95 a gallon, a true friend gives you her Kroger reward points for cheap gas because she only gets gas from Shell because she’s fancy like that.

Next up- Dallas Marathon Weekend/Epicness

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