Where I’m at today…

Where I’m at today

Today I feel so much more accomplished with every run I complete. I still may not be running 10-minute miles but it sure is a lot easier to run a 12-minute mile without completely stressing my body. I can hit up the track and run a 5k in 36ish minutes like a boss, my long runs are no longer in the 14:– pace but in the mid 13’s. I have improved, and every time it gets easier I am more motivated to push myself to the next level.

I wish I could take all the credit for the magnificent transformation in my running but I cannot, it’s all because of Coach Hammond at Educated Running. These guys did something amazing, and offered two months of free coaching to one person in every state. Companies that are able to offer anything free are able to do it because they know their product or service is legit and you will want to come back for more.  That’s exactly what happened, the level of detail I saw in my plans and how the first week workouts became easier as I progressed it changed my whole thought process as a runner and person.

I did another half in September, the Plano Balloon and it was quite exciting and I enjoyed the scenery. I did not hit my goal and did not PR either, but there was conditions beyond my control, the heat, which made things very very difficult. However, I couldn’t even imagine how much more difficult that would’ve been had I not of trained with Coach Hammond. Because of my newfound love of running and enjoying my progress I made another big decision.

I’m going to complete a full marathon, keep checking back for updates about my training journey. 

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