BioSkin Review

BioSkin Calf Skin Review

At the end of my summer vacation BioSkin asked me if I would be interested in joining their ambassador program and trying out one of their products. Of course, I had to jump on this opportunity, as this was my first ambassador offer I have ever received. One could only imagine the amount of excitement I had to be recognized by such a phenomenal company. After deciding to try out the Calf Skins the hard part began, I had to actually measure my calf to get an accurate size. After many attempts of measuring being convinced that I’m not an extra large I just accepted the fact that I am because I am Iron Woman and am extremely muscular. So ladies, don’t let the size you get discourage you, if you measured properly your size will be accurate. In a matter of magical moments the sleeves arrived two days before my long run and I was itching to test them out.

Here’s the deal, if you really know me you would know that I pick my products primarily off the packaging, and BioSkin delivered. I like to be able to see the product I am going to buy so I was beyond thankful for the clear bubble packaging these came in. image


Once I removed them, I instantly knew they were different, they felt different. I own socks and sleeves from various well-known companies and they all feel the same, except these were different. BioSkin has their own Bio Skin® Ultima™ material that they use for their products. What it is exactly is unknown to me; all I know is that it feels great on my skin, stayed dry, and in place. You can see the difference, here are the skins lined up with my other compression socks and sleeves, you can notice the difference in materials.



Putting them on was not my favorite part but I did find a secret and easy way to put them on that I will share in another post. After putting them on I instantly noticed there was any jiggling going on. The proper to way to say this would be that I had a dramatic reduction in muscle vibration. I did my dynamic stretches and I was out the door. I went out feeling great, and about a half mile later my legs realized that they were not used to this level of compression and I needed to pull back a bit. My legs were burning, and felt as if they were on the verge of cramping up completely. I stopped massaged, and stretched it out, and got back out there at a much slower pace, and walking a bit to really warm up more. After about 1.5 miles my legs felt great. They didn’t cramp, didn’t feel sore, or tight at any point during the run. Normally towards the end my legs start to feel a bit heavy and sore, but on this run they did not. The typical lower leg soreness around my ankle was not there, and I’m not sore in that area today like I normally am. I  feel no signs in my legs from my long run yesterday.

I got back home, did the usual stretch, foam roll, found the perfect post run picture to post on twitter, etc. Normally I would have to spend extra time rolling below the knee because of soreness or tightness with the skins, I didn’t have to, everything felt great already. When it was time to remove the socks to shower, because that’s what society would like for runners to do after runs, I noticed something significant. Every item of clothing I removed was beyond sweaty, or just a little but damp. The skins were completely dry. I’m used to some sort of dampness, but these were dry, even after I ran through some sprinklers at one point during the last leg of the run. That moment made me a BioSkin believer, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great pair of calf sleeves/skins. I love love love, these skins, and I’m itching to try at the Ten-7 primarily because I’m a textures freak, and love the feel of their materials, and because I know it works. 

Are you ready to be amazed? Click here to your BioSkin product today. 

 to your BioSkin product today. 

Want more information? Send me a tweet @anotherhalfpls or to BioSkin directly @BioSkin.


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