So there’s this new app…

Through Sweat Pink I got the opportunity to review the Every Move app. With a million fitness apps out there I was very interested to see why Sweat Pink choose this one to find reviewers for. I easily downloaded the app for iOS and found it very easy to set up. My favorite part about signing up, was that I didn’t have to use my Facebook account, which is big for me. 

So what’s the app about? It’s a fitness tracker that allows you to get points for exercising, any type of exercise counts, running, dancing, weightlifting, and other workouts I’ve never heard of. It reminds me of the Nexercise app with the exception that it doesn’t have the same competition aspect as Nexercise. It has bright and inviting colors and everything is very easy to navigate. One of the first things you do is select what you’re earning points for. I choose 3 months of Bestowed for $36.

In a nutshell the app is simple, workout, log it by choosing the activity, duration, and location (optional), and get points for rewards. You can add friends for extra motivation or go with it solo. In addition you can sync your fitness bands, and apps to make tracking much easier. 

Personally, I’m not very diligent in regards to adding activity or remembering to sync up my accounts, which is bad because you only get points for activities completed in the last 72 hours. Overall I think it’s a great app for those who need an extra boost of motivation. While I need an extra boost having an extra app to open up and add activity to doesn’t work for me. 

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