I have a confession… I’ve been bad. I haven’t been running/training as much, and I’ve almost gained all the weight I lost at the beginning of the year before my half in March. But, there’s hope. I’m finally getting settled into summer as I’m going through a big positive change. I’m not actively working, and am attending a Montessori Certification program which is absolutely amazing. It’s week two of this program and I finally feel as if I have a grip on my new schedule. But as a kick off to the new me I have switched from counting points, to counting calories and other stuff using MyFitnessPal. Having my normal steps I take counted for me and converted into extra calories has been the best thing ever. Feeling inspired I even went to for a 6.5 mile run/walk this past Saturday, my longest run since March. It felt really nice to get into the swing of things. Starting my weekend off in such a healthy way, it helped inspire me for what my lunch would be for the upcoming week, something I’ve been craving… Chicken Salad. With grapes being on sale finally it was a sign from God that I needed to make this. I searched the internet up and down for healthy versions, and they all called for the same thing 0% fat plain Greek Yogurt. Lucky me, I was already one step ahead and a coupon to try the product for free to BzzAgent. About an hour later (the chicken has to cool y’all), I had healthy chicken salad that left me full, without the fat from mayo. 

This is my not so pretty picture so here’s the link, with much prettier pictures. I also added apples into mine, and didn’t add any nuts. Enjoy!

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