Race Recap: Women Rock DFW

Women’s Rock Race Review

Last weekend, Saturday, March 29th was the first annual Women’s Rock 5k, 10k, and half marathon for the Dallas area. This race is part of the Team Orthro races, which is based out of Minneapolis. They also produce the Monster Dash in October, and the Polar Dash in January. I’ve been part of all three of these races either running or volunteering. The registration included a Women’s Rock jacket, glass of bubbly at the end, and a sterling silver and ruby finisher’s necklace.

First let me say, Team Orthro does something amazing for our volunteers, they allow them to earn what’s called “bones” basically it’s race money. Kind of like how in grade school you earned stars, and you could save your stars to get something from the prize bucket? Same concept. You can use your bones for race entries, and additional gear from their stores, and trust me; you will want more gear in addition to the load of gear you get with your entry.

So the race, I did the 5k considering I had just participated in the Rock N Roll Half the weekend before. The race was well organized, and everything was laid out perfectly, and it was very easy to navigate. Traffic and parking was a bit of a pain due to other events going on at Quik Trip Park, but that’s out of Team Orthro’s control. However, I will say that due this traffic Team Orthro did something that some people may have a problem with, but I loved it. They delayed the race for 15 minutes to allow more runners to arrive, and they came down to the field and announced it personally to all of at the start. Mad respect. At 9:15 the 5k went off.

There was confetti. Need I say more? As soon as you go through the start line there’s volunteers dropping confetti from up above. The course was mostly flat, and mostly on a trail which was really nice. About a ½ mile in there was a hill, then it was downhill, and one smaller hill at the beginning of mile 2. There were motivational signs posted throughout as well, very empowering to accompany the sea of pink and black. All intersections were controlled, and I was never worried at any point about barely missing a car from a driver not paying attention. The water station was stocked with Powerade, and water AND a porta potty!

Upon crossing you are quickly given a beautiful golden box, with a gorgeous finishers necklace, and food. Love the food bags, no sorting through half cut bananas and such. It was a bag with real legit, whole food. Make a loop around the corner and you can go grab your GLASS, not plastic, but glass of bubbly and celebrate with your friends.


After that, I would recommend snapping a pic with the local hotties, that’s the whole point of the race anyways, and heading up to the store for additional gear. I was able to get a medal to add to my medal holder since there was no way the necklace would be going up there. Overall I had a great experience, and I am looking forward to the race next year, as well any event Team Orthro puts on. 

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